Nasal IR Light


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Specifically targeted for the brain, because brain cells respond just as well as other cells in the body to this dosage of light energy. It also helps to release certain calming chemicals in the brain. Intranasal light therapy is a way to stimulate the body to re-establish its natural internal balance (or homeostasis). During this process, the wellness of the body is expected to improve, including reports of elevated energy levels and wellness of body and mind. The nasal cavity has been found to be a highly convenient and effective way to deliver this effect. Until the invention of the vie light devices, for a long time, advocates did not think it was possible to achieve this through the nasal cavity. The vie light products have been designed with parameters to deliver the effectively with great convenience and low cost. Many regular users have reported elevated levels of wellness. No claim has been made for a cure, and results vary between users. They have not been evaluated as medical devices by regulatory authorities.

  • Natural healing with intranasal light therapy
  • No herbs, no drugs, natural healing using just light
  • Life long wellness
  • 640 Infrared specially targets the brain to reach deeper lying glands
  • Includes: controller, applicator, pouch, 1.5V AA battery, user’s guide

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