Neuro Light How it Works

The BRAIN SKILLS section of the NEURO LIGHT is called Function Specific Brain TRAINING. These TRAININGS are composed of many elements and Brain Entrainment is just one of them.

As an approach to Brain Wellness, consider the Neuro Light as Brain “Exercise”, “Nutrition” and “Learning”. As Wellness, it is not designed as “treatment” or “therapy”.

Let’s explore the incredible multifaceted composition design of the NEURO LIGHT Brain Training sessions. Every Brain Training session is Function Specific. This means the session targets a particular Brain/Mind function.

NEURO LIGHT has 80 Brain Training sessions – each with its own unique and important Specific Function for the Brain/Mind. Function Specific Brain Trainings combine two types of signal sources – LIGHT and SOUND. The LIGHT and SOUND signals are harmoniously integrated for a compound synergistic effect far beyond simple simultaneous pulsing.


Let’s have a closer look at the SOUND aspect of a Brain Skills Training session. Remember that every session is Function Specific which means that it will focus on a defined aspect of Brain Wellness.

The Sound aspect of a Brain Skills Training session has four (4) integrated elements:

  1. Multi-layer Synchronization (frequency & pitch harmonization including in ambience)
  2. Linear Entrainment (isochronic, binaural, monaural in pitch adjusted pulses)
  3. Mood Framing (psycho-emotional set with Function Specific musical/nature ambient themes)
  4. Core Modulation (unifying frequency modulation in all Mood Framing layers)


Next, let’s have a closer look at the LIGHT aspect of a Brain Skills Training session. The LIGHT and the SOUND are harmoniously integrated to act upon the same Specific Brain Wellness Function.

The Light aspect of a Brain Skills Training session also has four (4) integrated elements:

  1. Gateway Dynamics (signal sets that prime the brain for new information)
  2. Pattern Recall (the use of Form Constants to enforce information recognition)
  3. Linear Entrainment (sets of select light pulsed frequencies)
  4. Learning Reinforcements (regular & irregular stimulations that fortify the main set)

The Brain As A Complex Adaptive System

Earlier modern science viewed the world as well as the human body essentially as a “machine”. As a machine, there were clear and direct cause and effect relationships governed by a set of strict rules. The science of today has evolved and views things differently including the human body and especially the brain. The name of this view is Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS). Our BRAIN is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS).

What is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS)?

  • Basically it is an “event” made up of a HUGE number of parts and pieces ALL of which interrelate and interact.
  • Unlike a “machine”, it is impossible to predict exactly how it will behave.

A Complex Adaptive System (CAS) has the remarkable ability to “self-organize” which means it doesn’t need some “big boss” to tell it what to do. This “self-organization” is ready, willing and able to adjust (aka “adapt”) to all kinds of challenges and changes, big and small.

“Self-organization” means the BRAIN is capable of new learning derived from its direct experience. That “direct experience” comes both from its own “internal” processes as well as from its “external” interaction with its environment.

These 3 aspects of a Complex Adaptive System are fundamental to the design principles of the Neuro Light.

  1. Fundamental need of adequate “energy”
  2. Reliance on efficient networks of “connectivity”
  3. Constant new learning via “self-organization”

One of the newest and most promising discoveries in cranial neurology is the fact that it is possible to feed Light Energy into the brain from outside the skull. And it is remarkably effective, non-invasive, very safe and easy to do.

Nasal Light Stimulation is performed by shining wavelength specific light at a specified power and time into the blood capillary network just within your Nasal Passages. Sufficient dosage actually reaches the brain tissues through the blood to create the beneficial effects.


The Neuro Light recognizes that every individual has their own potential for Neuroplastic change. The potential relates to age, vitality and possible pathology.  The term to describe this is Neuroplastic Capacity.

Total Brain Wellness

With SO much constant dynamic change, the brain has developed strategies that can remain ready, willing and able to faithfully direct the power of change into meaningful, determined outcomes with an instant notice. That’s what Brain Networks do!

A Brain Network is a group of functionally and structurally connected areas of the brain that serve a specific domain of behavior and activity. A Brain Network is all about teamwork where each member adds to the effect of the whole.

Technically, a Brain Network (our simplified term) is known as a Resting State Network (RSN). This means that the Network can spend a lot of time “idling at rest” while it waits to go into demand action. In sports terms, the Resting State Network can spend a lot of time just “sitting the bench”.

But it is a big mistake to think that when it is “resting” the Brain Network is doing nothing. The Brain Network is a continuous fluttering of rapid adjustments and fine tunings in preparation for quick demand action.

The brain responds to incoming stimulation as a source of information and guidance in the formation of novel patterns of adaptive behavior. LIGHT and SOUND stimulations are powerful and efficient types of brain stimulation.

With the profound understanding that the brain is capable of continuing adaptive growth and change, the Wellness approach to Brain Training is growing dramatically.

Most approaches to Brain Training fall into two categories:

  1. Mental Effort – such as games & puzzles
  2. Physical Effort – such as repetitive movements & exercises

Video games and the birth of Virtual Reality devices have both been praised and condemned. They have a potent effects on the brain which may be either beneficial or detrimental depending on the design principles.

The NEURO LIGHT offers a bold new type of Brain Training. Unlike Mental and Physical approaches, the Neuro Light uses the Sensory experiences of Light/Sound to signal the brain. The approach acts directly upon the brain without mental or physical effort. Using dynamic innovative Light and Sound compositions, the NEURO LIGHT is the most direct and efficient new way to improve Brain Wellness.

It has been well known for over 50 years that the Brain is sensitive to a Frequency Following Response. The common term for this process is Brain Entrainment. It is critically important to understand that the Function Specific Brain Training processes in the NEURO LIGHT are MUCH MORE than Brain Entrainment.