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Garnet Dupuis do you have any thoughts on using the nasal light for someone who has a brain aneurysm? ... See MoreSee Less

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To use Neurolight to figth addiction like smooking.. does it work? ... See MoreSee Less

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Has anyone used the neuro light with someone with trigeminal nerve damage? ... See MoreSee Less

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My student Nidhi is able to quantum read any book in five minutes. She is experiencing something which needs explanation. When she flips any book to read a old man appears who tells all the information related to the book . Earlier we taught it could be the author but she say the same old man appears every time she needs help. She further add the old man knows about her behaviour tat she does not respect and totally believe in him . When she enquire how he knows everything. He say I have experience everything. She say the old man was reluctant to say anything about him earlier but as they connecting regularly he said he is 91 yrs . Nidhi say but he looks very healthy . I feel it may be her own soul she interacting with, can anyone like to share your view . ... See MoreSee Less

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Search “brokenbrain.com” for a powerful, professional video series by many experts in Neuroplasticity. I consider this information mandatory for anyone interested in Total Brain Wellness and especially if you have a Neuro Light. ... See MoreSee Less

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Fascinating EEG imagining before and after Neuro Light sessions courtesy of Satbir, our impressive colleague working in India with special kids. Satbir - may thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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Garnet Dupuis you were mentioned in this new Alfred video. ... See MoreSee Less

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What are you “practicing” every day? (Suggest you review what you may call your “habits”). This short animation yields powerful insight into “Neuroplasticity”.

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How to practice effectively ... for just about anything:

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Dear Light owners,

There have been some technical issues with some Lights that have resulted in this new ‘check-list’ that we encourage all Light owners/Ambassadors to become familiar with and to share when helping Light owners overcome a technical issue.

Most of these issues revolve around the inability to connect to the Light via wi-fi, or apparent loss of sound in the headphones. The failure to connect can be frustrating, but these simple tests should overcome any problems.

We recommend following these protocols…

1. Ensure all plugs/leads are correctly inserted.
2. Clear caches on devices – caches can become corrupted, so clear them regularly where possible, and if a connection is still a problem, log-in with a different URL. For example – with a Neuro Light use NL3.com, or any number for that matter – NL25.com. With Ajna Light also use a different URL to normal – e.g. AL8.com, or AL26.com for example.
3. If the connection still fails change devices by trying an Apple or Android device and also test on a Laptop computer. Please note there can be connection issues if using an Apple product running on iOS10.
4. Always check that there is a ‘red glow’ in the white audio dongle.
5. It is important to remind everyone that the new AL3s has been specifically designed to avoid corruption to the SD card when a power bank is used with the Light. Without using a power bank (you will need to purchase) corruption of the SD card is still possible, resulting in delays until a new SD card is created by Guy and posted to you. 🙂
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Dear Light owners, There have been some technical issues with some Lights that have resulted in this new ‘check-list’ that we encourage all Light owners/Ambassadors to become familiar with and to...

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The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030, Depression will be the greatest health burden in high income countries. ... See MoreSee Less

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More about the Guardian Response from the Budzynski article (NOTE: I am not recommending any procedure - this is just to give you a peek at some of the work done in this area in past decades - some of it from 40 to 50 years ago).


Each resistant individual brings her/his own unique reasons for the fear of letting go. These reasons may vary from traumatic early experiences (e.g., a frightening ether anesthetic as a child ("I can't breathe"!) to early sexual abuse ("He would wait until I was asleep"). Some of these fears may be accessible to conscious processing and, if so, they can be addressed in the clinical setting. A good question to the client is, "Can you remember an earlier situation when you felt like this?" If the answer is "no" it may be that the trauma(s) or reasons have been forgotten or repressed. Often the forgetting process is one of the mind's, defenses against reliving painful memories.

Unconscious Resistance: When the client experiences an inability to relax and cannot explain why, it is very possible that early childhood trauma may have occurred. The client should always be encouraged to try to relax, With the permission to tense certain muscles or even take off the eyepiece for a short while the client will usually feel more secure and willing to attempt relaxing in this situation. After a few "interrupts" most clients settle down and allow the L/S stimuli. to "take them" to deeper levels.

NOTE: Individuals who at first have unconscious resistance may, upon relaxing deeply, encounter certain of the material which has emerged from the unconscious realm. This material will need to be integrated or it may result in increased anxiety or depression. It is helpful to encourage the client to be aware of such emerging material whether in felt negative emotions or in dreams, or manifested in unusual behavior. Some of this formerly repressed material may need to be "rescripted" and this procedure will be covered later. There are a number of therapeutic procedures for dealing with the emergence of repressed material. These range from counseling to long-term psychoanalysis. A relatively new process called "rescripting" will be described later.
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More "fun" from Budzynski...


In his POETICS Aristotle used the term "psychogogia" to describe the state of the spectator in the theater whose mind is "enthralled," "entranced," "absorbed," and "transported." This state of fascination is, according to Mavromatis (1987), one in which the representational system is fully engaged, and the individual cannot maintain salient qualifying 'meta-cognitions", that is, thoughts about the primary representation, such as 'this is only my imagination' or 'this is not really happening."'

When clients begin to slip into theta (4-7 Hz), and especially when there are no beta or alpha frequencies mixed with the theta, most people lose consciousness (even though they may not admit it if asked, "Were you asleep?" most will say, "No, I was just thinking." However, if they are questioned carefully about the content of the thought process they will either say that they don't remember, or, that it had a "live-in" quality).

Officially, they had entered stage 1 sleep, sometimes called the twilight state of the hypnogogic (from the Greek hypnos = sleep, and agnogeus = conductor or leader) state. while this state has many uses it is not necessary to go this deep for the purpose of training deep relaxation skills. Early Ideas on the Theta State Over the millennium human beings have placed special meaning in the cognitions characteristic of the twilight, theta or hypnagogic state. Shamanistic and other primitive ceremonies often included procedures designed to produce these states. It was believed (and still is in certain cultures) that the dreamlike images elicited in the twilight state allowed the dreamer to foretell events, instruct as to healing procedures, and give important Information that could not have been gained in any conscious manner.

Mavromatis notes that in the third century AD, lamblichus "the divine," writing on "Godsent" experiences and the conditions under which they take place, referred to a condition between waking and sleeping during which voices are heard by us and sometimes "a bright and tranquil light shines forth" (1895). In the 18th century Swedenborg reported his hypnagogic experiences and even detailed ways of inducing them (1950).


It has long been observed that spontaneous imagery, however fleeting, often arises from the twilight state. Scientists and clinicians argue over the meaning of these hypnagogic visions. There does seem to be a rather large amount of anecdotal data supporting the idea that these images spring from the unconscious (rather than being simply random phenomena) which reflect important and possibly unresolved areas of conflict or problem solving, albeit on the unconscious level.
These evanescent images often resemble static photographic stills which have a vivid, live-in quality. Green, Green and Walters (1971) noted four main characteristics of hypnagogic images: vividness, independence of conscious control, originality, and changefulness (see Stoyva (1973) for an excellent discussion of the conditions contributing to the hallucinatory phenomena characteristic of this state). Are they the "stuff' of creativity?
A number of famous individuals from the fields of science, music, literature and art have credited the imagery produced during the twilight state for creative solutions or inspiring thoughts. Koestler (1964), in recounting many examples of this phenomenon, concluded that the temporary relinquishing of conscious controls liberates the mind from certain constraints which are necessary to maintain the disciplined routine of thoughts but may become an impediment to the creative leap; at the same time other types of ideation on more primitive levels of mental organization are brought into activity."

In their laboratory at the Menninger Foundation Elmer and Alyce Green and Dale Walters have for years studied the relationship between twilight states, brainwave activity and creativity. For example, in one experiment the EEG patterns of three demonstrably creative individuals (a professor of physics, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist), were recorded as they maintained a reverie or twilight state which they associated with creative thoughts. Each of these people were self-trained over periods of 15 to 30 years in internal scanning techniques.

During the experiment two reported that they had produced what they called their customary hypnagogic-like imagery as they did their internal scanning - a looking inward with the exclusion of external stimuli. The third subject. showed a slowing of his alpha EEG frequency down to 8.3 Hz and reported that this was a preliminary mind-quieting, imageless stage in moving toward a deeper state (Green, et al, 1971). Apparently, certain creative individuals do acquire some ability to slow their EEG rhythms as they enter a self-induced twilight state in order to "mine" the hypnagogic gold of creativity.

Commenting on Swedenborg's approach, Van Dusen (1975) stated, "Since childhood Swedenborg had a personal practice that happens to be one of the ancient Hindu Yoga and Buddhist ways of enlightenment ... He would relax, close his eyes, and focus in on a problem with total concentration. At the same time his breathing would nearly stop. Awareness of the outer world and even bodily sensation would diminish and perhaps disappear. His whole existence would focus on the one issue he wanted to understand... The problem he was concentrating on would blossom out in new, rich and surprising ways." With regard to creativity Deikman (1969, 1971) proposes that in the twilight or theta state a new vertical organization of concepts takes place, that is, an organization of the non-linear "logical" kind which permits inter-correlations of extensive, and normally entirely unrelated, and diverse schemata.
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Thomas Budzynski (deceased 2011) was one of the early pioneers in Light/Sound theory, practice and technologies. He was (with a long list of other accolades) also a professor at Stanford University in California (no "light weight" to be sure).

He published many, many research articles. Below is an excerpt form a 1991 article entitled "Clinical Guide to Sound and Light (you can easily find the entire long article on the Internet for free)

For no special reason, I thought you may find it of interest.
Happy New Year as well BTW.


Certain individuals may exhibit what is called a "guardian" response. This refers to the maintenance of one or more of the physiological responses at a high level of arousal while other responses decrease toward a deepening relaxation state or low arousal.

Thus, the client maintains a full measure of consciousness as certain of the physiology relaxes. The guardian response(s) appear most often in those individuals who, on some level, fear the loss of critical screening as arousal lowers. For these individuals a deepening of the relaxed state means an increased vulnerability and possible harm.

NOTE: Such individuals can offer resistance in a number of ways:
1. Showing a guardian response.
2. Sudden twitches or myoclonic jerks.
3. Sudden feelings of panic ("I felt closed-in.")
4. Laughter
5. Maintenance of primarily beta EEG frequencies even as the L/S frequency ramps downward; or, on a slightly deeper level, maintaining dominant alpha frequency as the L/S changes to theta.
6. Feeling a sudden nausea or other aversive physical symptoms.
7. Intermittent verbal comments.
8. Complaints about some aspect of the L/S, the chair, or some other aspect of the immediate environment.
9. Making derisive comments about the procedure.
10. Unusual itching or painful sensations.
11. Experiencing frightening imagery from within.
12. Need to go to the rest room after the session has begun. 13. Having guilt or fear because of certain religious beliefs. 14. Having a racing mind or compelling, intruding thoughts.
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An Altered State is not necessarily a Spiritual Experience and a Spiritual Experience is not necessarily an Altered State.

Be open. Be humble.

Happy New Year to all.
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A Holiday gift to all Neuro Light folks (and for all you old - and young - hippies, a peak at the past and the landmark Moody Blues album cover inspired by the poem).

The Lost Chord poem was published in 1838 and written by Adelaide Ann Procter. Enjoy.
Seated one day at the organ, I was weary and ill at ease,
And my fingers wander'd idly over the noisy keys;
I knew not what I was playing, or what I was dreaming then,
But I struck one chord of music like the sound of a great Amen.

It flooded the crimson twilight like the close of an Angel's Psalm,
And it lay on my fever'd spirit with a touch of infinite calm.
It quieted pain and sorrow like love overcoming strife,
It seem'd the harmonious echo from our discordant life.

It link'd all perplexed meanings into one perfect peace
And trembled away into silence as if it were loth to cease;
I have sought, but I seek it vainly, that one lost chord divine,
Which came from the soul of the organ and enter'd into mine.

It may be that Death's bright Angel will speak in that chord again;
It may be that only in Heav'n I shall hear that grand Amen!
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Just a heads up- Be sure to double check all your cords each time before use. I've had several malfunctions now all traced back to faulty cords. Had to replace corrupted SD card as well as cord because of it. Maybe cuz cheap China manufacturering?? I've found the plastic around the point of wire insertion can fray and cause unstable connection. On the black power cord or even the white doggle (with red light). Sometimes it can be barely noticeable so keep an eye out. Also have had the power cord become loose at black box but not completely fall out so easy to miss. So double check before use to be sure it's all the way plugged in. Hope this saves you all some of the trouble I've gone through.
Love & Light!! 😍✨🌟💕💗
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wow ... See MoreSee Less

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HELP RIGHT NOW - about NL recommendations for ASAP Needs

I make a big deal about creating a "vector" when working with the Neuro Light. Basically a "vector" means to work progressively towards a goal with one thing leading to another. Yet it is also very reasonable to have times when you need "HELP RIGHT NOW". So this is what I think.

For those of you who have been getting further into the Learning process about the NL and Neuroplasticity, you may recall that there are fundamentally four overlapping aspects of Neuroplastic change:

1) happens in minutes/hours (Functional Plasticity)
2) happens in days/weeks (Synaptic Plasticity)
3) happens in months (Neuronal Plasticity)
4) happens in years (Systemic Plasticity)

When working in "vectors", we incorporate all four of the above to create an ever-improving process aiming at long lasting positive change, aka Total Brain Wellness.

In the "HELP RIGHT NOW" approach, we use an NL approach that targets just number one ("happens in minutes/hours" - Functional Plasticity). There is no consideration of a "vector" and just limited use, if at all, of the Brain Gym. We make use primarily of the Brain Skills with occasional dips into the Brain Network Reinforcements as support.

So here's the deal...as long as the challenge is not TOO great in the moment, you can reliably get HELP RIGHT NOW that can result in "relief" and benefit. The effect will manifest anywhere from 15/20 minutes to a couple of hours after doing the NL Experience and.....should last at a satisfying level for the rest of the day. Depending on what's going on and when you apply the NL Experience, a single 11 minute "booster" might fit into the game plan. HOWEVER.....this is NOT an effect that will last as enduring Learning. As far as Neuroplastic "skill" acquisition, this "lesson" will quite likely be forgotten unless it is incorporated into a proper "vector" of Skill Learning.

So, I am getting my elves to work on a HELP RIGHT NOW "menu" of NL Experiences. When completed, I will post them here in the NL FB page and, more importantly in the new NL website in the LEVEL ONE Learning section in the next week or two. In the meanwhile, use the existing Learning LEVEL ONE "MENU" of recommendations as well as the Theme Index for a ton a suggestions.
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HELP RIGHT NOW - Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness (5 Versions). Experiment which version works best for you.

Do Number One and Number Two (11 minutes each) with a 5 - 10 minute period after each in which you let the Experience settle into yourself. After a period of about 2 hours (or sooner) if you want to reinforce and/or extend the effect, do Number Three (11 minutes). The effect/benefit of the NL Experience will begin to manifest starting about 20 minutes to 2 hours after the experience. You may assist the effect by doing slow natural breathing style meditation for 10 to 20 minutes.

1) Cognition - F - Thalamus Cortex Synchronization
2) Mood - F - Decrease Anxiety
3) Peace - F - Mind Peaceful

1) Cognition - F - Brain Harmony
2) Mood - I - Ease Worry
3) Dependency - F - After Trauma

1) Mood - I - Reduce Performance Anxiety
2) Dependency - A - Stimulate Natural Opiates
3) Peace - F - Mind Tranquil

1) Peace - I - Relax Deep
2) Dependency - F - After Trauma
3) Dependency - A - Stimulate Natural Opiates

1) Limbic Network (in Brain Gym)
2) Peace -F - Basic Balance
3) Peace - I - Calm Clear
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HELP RIGHT NOW - Sleepy Time

This one has a few "tricks" involved :-). So a bit of explanation will help. But first, the HELP RIGHT NOW game plan::

1) BRAIN FOOD (Nasal Light) during the day and before sleep time.
2) Earlier in the day: Cognition - F - Day Cycle Synchronization (11 minutes)
3) Earlier in the day: Peace - F - Mind Tranquil (11 minutes)
3) Earlier in the day: Peace - A - Mind Soothing (11 minutes)
4) Evening closer to sleep time: Peace - F - Mind Tranquil (Sound ONLY) (22 minutes)
4) Evening closer to sleep time: Peace - A - Mind Soothing (Sound ONLY) (22 minutes)

1) BRAIN FOOD is a must and in this case, the Nasal Light Stimulation unit works very well. The benefits can be HELP RIGHT NOW style as well as long(er) term. Research over the years has consistently indicated that many (not all) cases of insomnia can be remedied by regular use of the Nasal Light Stimulation.

Set at low or medium power and apply 30 minutes to one hour each day. Try splitting it up into 15 minutes X 4 with the last time being near to your intended sleep time. This schedule followed for one to two weeks has frequently resolved chronic insomnia (and may require occasional reinforcement depending on general habits and life style).

I know it may seem strange to do it just before sleep because you may think that a process that gives you "more energy" would be a stimulant leading to an excited state (something like drinking a Red Bull). The light supplementation does not act like that. It supports functions requiring reinforcement and when we sleep the brain does not "turn off". Rather it switches to a different set of specialize functions. These functions are supported by the light energy channeled into the blood. Soooooo....oddly some types of insomnia result from energy deficiencies.

2) Some people suffering from insomnia are particularly sensitive to the cool blue/white range of light (found predominantly in mid day sunshine). This wavelength range acts upon the pineal gland to inhibit or suppress the glandular production of melatonin. Melatonin is the "sleep hormone" that is metabolized for natural sleep. Having the melatonin inhibited by bright cool blue/white light in these sleep sensitive persons makes sleeping more difficult.

Because the Neuro Light Brain Skills Trainings are a harmonious composition of BOTH light and SOUND, using JUST the SOUND aspect still delivers much the brain signaling to reinforce the light/sound NL Experiences from earlier in the day. Whatever Brain Skills Trading you used earlier in the day, use the same one with the Sound ONLY before sleep. Just use the headphones and turn the light intensity way down (maybe put a towel over the lamp:-). Do not lay under the light.
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On developing psychic/channeling skills:

First of all, naturally every person has an individual set of base conditions and abilities regardless of a desired goal. Because of that there is no "one size fits all" answer.

The following is my general line of thought if you wanted to create a "vector" program. Such a program has a good chance of building a capacity over time that then can become a retained long term skill.

1) fundamental levels of vitality are crucial in any extended or expanded new skill set hence the encouragement to utilize Brain Food on a regular basis. The Nasal Light Stimulation unit works very well.

2) again depending on the current condition of the brain, spending some time working in the Brain Gym "exercises" dramatically helps increase the probability of developing any new Brain Skills ((coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength)

3) again in the Brain Gym, Network Reinforcements, fortifying the Cognitive Control Network, Limbic Network and Ventral Attention Networks would be beneficial.

4) in Brain Skills you have many options. Some are more preparations and others more specific. They work well in combination.

Cognition: F - Hypothalamus Pineal Synch
Cognition: F - Thalamus Cortex Synch
Cognition: I - Creativity Stimulation
Cognition: I - Higher Intelligence
Cognition: A - Looking Within
Cognition: A - Creative Imagery
Cognition: A - Better intuition
Cognition: A - Wake Up Awareness
Mood: I - Shift Attitude
Exploration: A - Mind Lucid
Exploration: A - Mind Transcend
Exploration: A - Mind Wide Open
Exploration: A - Seeing Beyond

It is possible to use just choices from the Brain Skills section but do keep in mind these things:

1) any Function Specific Brain Training composition in the Brain Skills section sets up a "probability state" for new acquired Learning. If the person is well prepared for this "lesson" you have a much greater "probability" of absorbing and integrating the new "lesson".

2) it is not really so difficult to create temporary or short term changes in conscious mind states. Sometimes that is truly wonderful (e.g. The new "Help Right Now" recommendations I have been posting on the Neuro Light FB page). The question that must be asked is whether your intention is to help generate a Mind/Brain State that lasts for some hours (and then evaporates) or whether your intention is to progressively support and direct the development of a long term acquired skill.

One is not better than the other but they are significantly different. The Help Right Now do. not need much repetition or reinforcement. It's a bit like relying only on Short Term Memory for a task that need not be retained. The acquisition of a sustained Brain Skill is more like Long Term Memory and requires repetition and reinforcements.
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Something to reflect on for the upcoming New Year:

Using the Neuro-psychophysiological perspective, here are the "Big Three". This is information from cutting edge neuroscience integrated into the classic spiritual traditional views on approaching " Pure Presence" from one of the natural inclinations of Peace, Wisdom, Joy.

Human brain has three stages of evolutionary development:

1) Brain Stem and Cerebellum = Reptilian Brain > seeks SAFETY > if OK = PEACE

2) Sub-Cortex = Mammalian Brain > seeks SATISFACTION > if OK = CONTENTMENT

3) NeoCortex = Primate/Human Brain > seeks CONNECTION > if OK = LOVE

Correlations to our previous Big Three:

1) Peace (tranquility) = Reptilian Brain = SAFETY = PEACE
2) Wisdom (insight) = Mammalian Brain = SATISFACTION = CONTENTMENT
3) Joy (bliss) = Primate/Human Brain = CONNECTION = LOVE

QUALITY correlations - qualities that support positive development in this area:

1) alertness, grit, resolution, protections, calm, relaxation.
2) gratitude, gladness, capabilities, restraint, ambition, enthusiasm.
3) empathy, compassion, kindness, assertiveness, self-worth, confidence
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Paul Gerry ask Garnet Dupuis for any techs and specs etc as he developed the Neuro ;ight on various subjects ... See MoreSee Less

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A New Walk Down Memory Lane - Neuroplastic Memory Methods

Strengthening both short and long term memory is one of the most common goals of people everywhere. Although famous in aging, persons of all ages seek better Memory. So can the Neuro Light help with memory.....yes, and here are some of the key points to "remember":-)

1) for a "memory" to be "implanted" first as a "short term recall", the experience must be infused with "attention". A lazy, distracted, uninterested mind will not have consciously "registered" the event. So "lack of attention" is often the cause of simple "memory loss". The memory was actually not lost because it was never created in the first place.

2) with the Neuro Light, when working with simple " memory" issues, it is often most beneficial to focus on sharpening attention, focus, clarity before attempting any of the more specific Brain Skills "memory" compositions.

3) what could be the reasons that "attention" is insufficient to even consciously register an event to form a memory? For sure, low general vitality is common, so start with Brain Food via the Nasal Light Stimulation. Low vitality may be a consequence of a slow metabolism...Brain Food does help and, typically, advising increased physical activity/exercise can help turn it around. Another typical correspondence to low vitality is inadequate sleep. Again Brain Food is well known to support better sleep. Lastly, look for "draining" emotional moods such as anxiety, grief and depression.

4) you can see (from #3) that shooting directly for "improving memory" Brain Skills Compositions may fall short. Increasing vitality, improving sleep and modifying sustained emotional stress may be the best ways to set up the foundations of better memory.

5) actually, in all Neuroplastic Change of the Brain (whether positive/learning or negative/maladaption), ATTENTION must be present. The experience must have a sense of being "special", "important" or "significant". This is the basic reason that "pleasure/pain", "reward/punishment"always play a strong role - they all have one critical factor in common - they focus the mind's "attention".

6) Neuroplastic change can be viewed as "learning". For learning to occur, there must first be "attention", followed by repetition, reinforcement and reward. You know (if you have been following these FB posts), that Neuroplastic change in the brain can happen from a) movement/motor stimulation, b) mental/cognitive stimulation and c) Sensory/afferent stimulation. The Neuro Light is an excellent tool to introduce the Sensory/afferent Stimulation.

7) you will get the best results by incorporating movement and/or mental with the Neuro Light sensory. And you also know (again from past posts) that the 2 hour period following a Neuro Light session is exceptionally potent for repetition and reinforcement.

8) here is a GREAT technique for MEMORY using the Neuro Light. Considering all the information above, you do a Neuro Light session of one or more appropriate compositions. Within a two hour period, take a walk....in this special way >

9) take a walk with free arm swinging motions. Don't push too hard and don't just amble along. AND.....be consciously aware of what you see, hear, smell. The texture of the path. The SENSATIONS in your body. Pay ATTENTION.....and here is your Neuroplastic task.....take notice of at least five things that "catch your attention". REMEMBER them as you walk along. Build a short mental list of "special" experiences. AND......when you get back home....write them down. How many did you remember?

10) if you combine the general advice described above with the repeated "New Walk Down Memory Lane" technique, you will likely be shocked at how much memory capacity quickly begins to reappear in your mind.
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Light technology has come a long, long way since Dinshah’s time. We now have lasers and light emitting diodes (LED) of all colors. I’ve written here about laser therapy, particularly red light in the 635 nm wavelength area. This wavelength of light has some exciting proper- ties in healing a multitude of tissues. One property is that it activates a key enzyme in your mitochondria (energy furnaces) called cytochrome oxidase. If you can get your mitochondria turned on, you can accomplish “miraculous” healing, since all healing requires energy. More on the biochemistry in a moment.

Researchers in China have been actively researching low-intensity laser on vascular diseases. In one paper published in 2012, researchers evaluated 90 subjects. All of them had either coronary artery disease or a history of stroke. They divided the participants into a treatment group of 60 and a control group of 30. They gave the treatment group the therapeutic light for just 30 minutes daily for 10 days, three days off and another session of 10 days. They exposed the control group to a normal, non-medical light.

They didn’t have the patients make any dietary changes. But they did fast before the blood draws. The age range of the treatment and control group was similar — about 75 and 76 years respectively. The researchers evaluated their blood for blood viscosity and lipid changes. The two key blood viscosity measurements decreased significantly. That means their blood became less “thick” and easier to flow. That’s extremely important for vascular diseases. Now get this. Total cholesterol fell from 173 mg/dl to 147. LDL fell from 107 mg/dl to 97. “Good” HDL cholesterol rose from 42 mg/dl to 47. And, triglycerides fell from 161 mg/dl to 151.

Did it help stroke? A 2005 China study on 21 patients utilized the sophisticated SPECT scan, which actually determines blood flow to various areas of the brain. The therapeutic light improved brain perfusion on the treated side! Other studies showed improvement in stroke symptoms with this treatment.

You know, if a pharmaceutical drug did this well for vascular risk, you’d have doctors recommending it regardless of the chemical’s toxic effects. But light therapy has no known toxicity. And this light therapy had a most novel, easy, and unique administration – into your nasal cavity! That’s right! All they did was shine a red light into their nose.

The Chinese postulated that the red light might work by improving the redox status of cells. Redox refers to oxidation/reduction. Redox is as important to your cells as is pH (acid/base). They measure redox by the ratio of an oxidized vitamin B3 molecule called NAD+ to its reduced form NADH. That’s called the NAD+/NADH ratio. A dysfunctional cell has a lower NAD+/NADH ratio than normal. A dysfunctional cell is more reduced, meaning richer in electrons. Why? All those extra electrons indicate that oxygen is not actively soaking them up and making energy for you.

Ozone and ultraviolet oxidation therapies work to raise this ratio. NAD+/NADH ratio is crucial in your ATP energy production. One of the ways oxidation therapies work is to raise that ratio by generating more NAD+, which stimulates mitochondrial energy output!

The red light may have a similar effect as the more expensive oxidation therapy in improving (raising) the redox (oxidation/reduction) status of your cells. In fact, other research has shown that the light works best where the redox status is actually faulty, and the light doesn’t help at all if the redox status is optimal. You need more NAD+ in your cells to jump-start biochemical reactions. Cancer cells are overly reduced, meaning they’ll have a very low NAD+/NADH ratio. That indicates they aren’t using oxygen to grab the excess of electrons, like a normal cell does.

China is well ahead of us in light research and treatment. One study found that intranasal light therapy for 60 minutes per session, once daily over 10-14 days, improved insomnia for 82% of patients. In a study on patients with mild cognitive impairment, intranasal red light improved red blood cell deformability compared to placebo. That means the red cells became less stiff. That’s crucial for the cells to squeeze through your small capillaries, which have a smaller diameter than your red cells themselves. This brings better blood flow and oxygen delivery, and less of a requirement for more pressure to squeeze the red cells through!

In 2002, another Chinese study evaluated 47 Alzheimer’s disease patients and 22 patients with gas- tric ulcers as controls. The researchers treated the par- ticipants with a red intranasal laser once daily each morning for 30 days. Melatonin levels increased in the Alzheimer’s group, as did a memory test, but there was no change in the gastric ulcer group.

A study on Parkinson’s disease in 2003 found that intranasal laser treatment for 30 minutes each morning for 20 days improved symptoms in two-thirds of the patients. Out of these, 30% had significant improvement and 57% had mild improvement. When it comes to Parkinson’s symptoms, any improvement is most desirable.

Furthermore, levels of SOD enzyme (a key protective and anti-aging enzyme) and melatonin (a key repair and protective molecule made during sleep in your pineal gland) both rose. At the same time, MDA (malondialde- hyde), a marker for destructive oxidative damage, decreased. Even better, an intestinal enzyme called chole- cystokinin-octapeptide, which high levels have a deleteri- ous effect on cognitive ability, declined to normal levels.

Yet another Chinese study on Parkinson’s found improvements in 89% of patients, with 27.7% having significant improvement. And, an animal study found that low-level light irradiation at 670 nm (similar to the red laser) prevented loss of vulnerable neurons in the substantial nigra, the brain area deranged in Parkinson’s.

Do you have headaches? A 1998 study treated 39 patients with chronic migraines and trigeminal neuralgia similarly for 30 minutes per session per day over two five-day periods with a two-day break in between. Improvement occurred in 90% of patients with two- thirds having significant improvement. Improvements in local blood flow alone might account for these findings!

What about depression? A pilot Chinese study on depressed patients showed a remarkable 63% reduction when the researchers irradiated their foreheads with a longer wavelength (810 nm which is infrared). Blood flow to the frontal cortex increased. That’s the area of higher brain functioning! Remember the SPECT brain scan findings on page 2. This study confirms those results.

Now let’s translate the above to treatment for the average American. The Chinese were using old technology that required you to plug the device into an outlet. That’s not very convenient. They also used laser light. Recent research indicates that it is the wavelength that does the trick and that the light doesn’t have to be a laser. So, a far cheaper LED light (emitting the required wavelength) will have a nearly identical effect. And, in recent years, LED technology has been so miniaturized that we can accomplish an intranasal administration with a single battery power supply.

You might wonder why intranasal LED administration works so well. There are several reasons. The 630 nm wavelength penetrates tissues at least 1 cm. That will get the energy close to or into your brain. The bones in back of the nasal cavity are paper thin, and will easily transmit the red light. Plus, your nose septum is among the richest tissues in capillaries. The red wavelength will easily penetrate all the red blood cells in this blood- rich area, bathing them in the stimulating and healing light. This can improve their oxygen delivery performance. In the 25-minute preset treatment, you are treating a large percentage of your red blood cells.
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NOTICE - For the last 3 years I have voluntarily been compiling a list of global Light practitioners then sharing their names and locations when asked for from the Light Community. I wish to advise all that I will NO LONGER being doing this long-term, but will continue supporting when needed for another month while you contact your people to register with GLC. My attention is now focused more on the new position of Support Manager for GLC takes more of my time.
This new position within GLC is to streamline the Support role so as ensure that the very best in all areas of support is given to Light buyers as we move into 2018.
So I would now ask all Light practitioners to now register their name and details within GLC so all know where to look for Light sessions. This list will only be as complete as those willing to share their details, so all Ambassadors please contact all those who have purchased Lights off you, and ask them if they choose to register their details in GLC. Please share this notice with your contacts. 🙂
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That feeling we call "Time".

It is a common story told by "mature" (aka "old") adults - the sense that "Time seems to pass so very quickly" as we age.

Remembering back to childhood days, the (about) 2 1/2 months of summer vacation from school seemed to be deliciously long and the month long wait (in December) to Christmas Day was "forever".

And now, (for those of us "older"), an entire year can just "slip by".

In reflection on this, it seems to me to be most closely related to the "rate of metabolism". Basically, the metabolic rate of a child is much faster than that of an aging adult. Here are some of the clues...

In illness, it is well recognized that a person with a high fever has a sense of time that is very prolonged. For example, 20 minutes on the clock can easily seem like hours to the person suffering the fever. In the opposite, a person suffering hypothermia (freezing), has the sense that hours seem like minutes.

Think of a hibernating animal "sleeping away the winter". In hibernation, the body metabolism dramatically decreases. Hence (I suspect) that the bear (or whatever) does not "feel" that it has slept for a very long time. Consider that for everyone of us, each night as we sleep, our body temperature drops naturally (BTW - one of the reasons some of us like to stick our feet out of the blankets as we decide to fall asleep - it helps cool our body towards the lower sleep temperature).

Also think of a very small animal (or even an insect) that lives only a short time (maybe even a few days or few hours). They typically have a very fast metabolism and (I would guess) their very short time alive (by our human standards) would seem like a "full lifetime" to them.

In biology, animals with high metabolic rates live (by the calendar) shorter lives than other animals with low metabolic rates with longer lifespans. Think of the tortoise.

Just some morning thoughts while enjoying the mountain stream and early sun playing through the rainforest.
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Research supported effects of Therapeutic Light:

NOTE: here is another major reference document regarding the use of Therapeutic Light. It is technical but you can easily research any aspect that interests you via the internet. All of this items have been well validated in good research. Please refer to the other recent posting for a more balanced appreciation. Also this is good for a copy/paste and print/store for ongoing learning and reference.


Suppresses inflammation: PGE(2), COX2, IL-1b, TNF, IL-8, IL-6, neutrophil cell influx.

Increases internal antioxidants (SOD).

Decreases free radicals and oxidative stress in neurons.

Increases brain Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF-1α) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). HIFs are normally increased under low oxygen conditions. This is the body’s stress response. HIF-1 increases several genes to promote survival in low-oxygen conditions. These include enzymes that allow ATP (cellular energy currency) synthesis in an oxygen-independent manner, and VEGF, which promotes the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) in the brain. This makes sense because when the brain is starved for energy it will try to make up for it.

Increases stem cells.

Increases Nerve growth factor (NGF).

Increases Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Increases Neurotrophin-3-contradictory (NT-3).

Increases IGF-1, TGF-b (R, R2), PDGF, FGF2.

Increases ATP production.

Increases the number of mitochondria, i.e mitochondrial biogenesis.

Promotes the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

Increases neuronal mitochondrial metabolism by photostimulation (stimulation by light) of an enzyme (cytochrome oxidase) involved in increasing mitochondrial oxygen usage and increases mitochondrial membrane potential.

Increases blood flow and circulation.

Decreases amyloid-β aggregates in human brain cells (in-vitro), the protein responsible for Alzheimer’s.

Activates PKC.

Upregulates heat shock proteins.

Stimulates mast cell degranulation.

Modifies extracellular matrix components.

Prevents neuronal death by greater membrane stability and resistance to depolarization, which has been shown to transiently reduce neuronal excitability.

Prevents cell death, improves cell proliferation, migration, and adhesion.

Increases the expression of genes in the brain by increasing the transcription factors Nf-kb, AP-1 and CREB. Transcription factors are proteins that bind to DNA and supports growth and repair.

Increases expression of antioxidant gene MnSOD (second most expressed gene after Nf-kB).

Increases our body’s natural opioids.
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6 Types of Light and 6 Ways Light Therapy Can Be Applied to the Body

(NOTE: this is a huge posting for your reference. I recommend do a copy/paste/print or store for easier reading)

Now with a growing selection of well designed Therapeutic Light devices available, we have more choices than ever to use Light for Well Being. Generally speaking there are six different types or sources of Therapeutic Light:
1) Natural Sunlight (and its Lunar Reflection;
2) Lamp Light (typically broad-spectrum light with a low power density;
3) Low Level Laser Light (LLLT of various wavelengths or colors),
4) Super-luminous LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes of various wavelengths or colors);
5) Plasma tubes (as used in the original Rife devices) and
6) Far Infrared (non-visible long wavelength light perceived as heat).

It is obvious that each source offers specific positive characteristics as well as limitations.

As to the means of application, there are basically 6 ways to apply Therapeutic Light to the body:

Directly to the target tissue;

Indirectly to the target tissue by penetrating other tissues to reach the target;

Irradiating the “Organ Projection” found in the superficial tissues that associate with the target;

Via acupoints (major and minor);

Via the blood:
Intra-nasal (via nasal capillary network);
Intra-venous (invasive needle IV with LLLT);
Intra-oral (via mouth capillary network);
Transcutaneous (via the skin to a vein);
Intra- orbital (via retinal capillary network).

Via the retina of the eyeball (as a signaling mechanism).

Directly to the target tissue:
In most cases, the target tissue is the skin itself. This is obvious for conditions such as wounds and other associated healing processes. Natural Sunlight (especially in the UV range) is directed to the skin for Vit. D production. Stimulation of the scalp for hair growth is another obvious example. Direct skin applications with a range of light wavelengths are used regularly in aesthetics and spa therapies. There is also a form of “Medical Photomodulation Therapy” using photosensitizer agents applied to the skin and using blue light to treat cell specific skin pre-malignant and malignant sites. Famously, “Bili Baby Blue” units and now even blankets used for pre-mature infants with jaundice from poor bilirubin metabolism. UV lamps of varying designs have been used for years as a “sun tanning” effect with questionable considerations.

Indirectly to the target tissue:
This may be the largest type of Therapeutic Light application and has a critical dependence on both wavelength and power density. Essentially the longer the wavelength (meaning going towards Red and Infrared) the deeper the penetration through the superficial tissues and into the deeper target tissues. Shorter wavelengths (meaning towards Blue and Ultraviolet) have much less penetration even though they have higher energy.
Indirect irradiation is now common for Transcranial Brain Stimulation as well as just about any organ, joint or tissue in the body. For example, a Near Infrared light at 810 to 950 nm wavelengths can penetrate 3 to 5 cm into the tissue (depending on the density of the tissue). Devices range from simple book size pads to full body “tables” (at $65,000 per unit!!). Even Natural Sunlight falls into this category as it appears to supply about 2/3 of our energy requirements as a “thermal” source. Natural Sunlight (direct midday) yields about 140 mW of photonic stimulation per square centimeter and is the basis for high altitude, cool air Heliotherapy Spas.
There are small devices designed to shine bright white/blue light into the ear canals. The purpose is to upregulate circadian metabolism however the mechanisms are vague. The super short wavelengths used guarantee minimal tissue penetration so any brain tissue stimulation is highly unlikely. (NOTE: Some persons attempt deep brain stimulation via the auditory canals using Red and/or Near Infrared light claiming the ear canal has an open pathway through the skull bone which allows light to more easily get to lower, deep brain tissues). Applications of the bright white/blue focus on jet lag and any other circadian disruption condition. Some persons use it in the early day as a “coffee-light” attempt at energy stimulation. Interestingly there is no evidence of melatonin inhibition characteristic of bright white/blue light stimulation via the retina of the eyes.
The Plasma/Rife category is of special interest with controversial claims and mechanisms. Classically it has been used in an attempt to destroy pathological micro-organisms with lethal frequency-specific stimulation. There are numerous reports of “Rife/Plasma tube” light stimulation penetrating walls and effecting scientific culture experiments in adjacent rooms. If this is true then some other unrecognized energetic dynamic is at play.
The Far Infrared type of light is invisible and perceived as heat. These very long wavelengths penetrate extremely deep into the body and provide a very impressive list of benefits. Often used in sauna designs ranging from multi-person size to single person and even in excellent mineral encrusted radiant lamps.
Devices used for Indirect stimulation must have an adequate power output in order to reach a proper dosage in a reasonable period of time. Think of being thirsty and drinking water from a tap one slow drop at a time! It is not happening.

Via Organ Projections:
The major organs of the body have a reflexive “projection” into the superficial skin/tissues. Often the projection can be directly above the organ but not necessarily. The mechanism by which the light energy reaches or affects the organ is not well known. The technique is based on repeated clinical benefits.

Via acupoints:
Both LLLT and LED light is used at acupoints. There are various theories as to the mechanisms involved. The benefits appear when the dosage is reached as a combination of power and time. Best results seem to occur with applications of multiple points stimulated simultaneously for periods from 15 to 30 minutes. Single point, handheld LLLT devices are not practical because of the extended period of time necessary especially if there are multiple points to treat.

Via Blood – Intra-nasal Capillary Network:
Therapeutic Light applied via the nose has a good history combined with impressive benefits. The light is able to trigger effects in the aqueous element of the plasma as well as mitochondria in the platelets. The water becomes “charged” in a structured form as is able to “off load” the stimulating charge where ever there is a voltage deficit in the tissues. The capillary network in the nasal membranes is the densest in the body. Additional, considering Oriental meridian theory, there are six meridians that converge in this area as well. Red and Near Infrared are the most common wavelengths used.

Via Blood – Intra-venous:
Using a conventional IV needle connected to a special LLLT diode, many wavelengths of light can be directly introduced into the blood. The effects are as described above in the Intranasal application. There are advanced treatments of cancers using this technique in combination with “photosensitizers” derived from various plants. The results are very promising and it is a rapidly developing form of cancer treatment. A related application uses UV light stimulation of the blood to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Earlier forms extracted some blood from a vein and irradiated it with UV light. After UV irradiation the blood sample was reintroduced back into the body. There are new contemporary units that apply the UV in a continuous intra-venous flow technique which is much more efficient.

Via Blood – Intra-oral:
Yes, in the mouth. Works well but just a bit awkward. It also using the capillary network. Many medications and supplements are delivered into the blood stream with oral absorption to avoid the digestive system.

Via Blood – Transcutaneous
It is possible (with some decrease in effect) to treat the blood at the vein seen visibly just below the skin. The longer red and near infrared wavelengths can certainly penetrate the skin to reach the blood flowing in the superficial vessels. The effect does rely on the time/power/dosage formula so a quick “flash or two” will not amount to benefit.

Via Blood – Intra-orbital:
The retina (at the back of the eyeball) has a surprisingly profuse vascular network. The volume of blood that moves through this network is staggering considering the physical size of the eyeballs. The volume of the blood for the entire body (if I am remembering correctly) moves through the retinas (about) every two hours. So, light entering the eyes does not just stimulate the rods/cones for normal vision as well as the melanopsin sensitive cells for hormonal and circadian regulation – it is also absorbed into the blood in the retinal capillary networks. There is much controversy surrounding “sun gazing” (please, if you do, only at the horizon or maximum 10 degrees above the horizon for the red and near infrared wavelengths for very short periods of time – it can be dangerous if misapplied) as well as constant shielding of sunlight with dark sunglasses. The use of “blue light” for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is also via the eyes but is likely not associated with the retinal blood supply but instead the “blue light sensitive” melanopsin chromophores related to circadian regulation.

Via Retina of the eye for neurological signaling:
As evidenced in the Neuro Light, it is possible to use light as a visual neurological signal stimulation. In this case, it is not Therapeutic Light for its energetic properties but instead for its information effects.
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There are at least two mechanisms involved in the absorption of light photons into the blood when using Brain Food/Nasal Light:
1) water is the basis of the blood plasma and water is a universal chromophore (a chromophore is able to absorb light) resulting in a charged structured "fourth state" of water and
2) the platelets found abundantly in blood are packed with mitochondria which are well known to absorb the wavelength specific light from the device (red and near infrared).
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Augmentation of cognitive brain functions with transcranial lasers
F. Gonzalez-Lima and Douglas W. Barrett

(Below is a short extract from this research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience journal).
Please NOTE the last sentence - exactly what is explained about the Brain Food/Nasal Light.

Photon energy absorption by cytochrome oxidase is well-established as the primary neurochemical mechanism of action of LLLT in neurons (Wong-Riley et al., 2005). The more the enzymatic activity of cytochrome oxidase increases, the more metabolic energy that is produced via mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation.
LLLT supplies the brain with metabolic energy in a way analogous to the conversion of nutrients into metabolic energy, but with light instead of nutrients providing the source for ATP-based metabolic energy (Mochizuki-Oda et al., 2002).
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Got brand new unopened Neurolight set for sale at USD2888 including worldwide shipping charges paid. Please contact +65 97553155 ... See MoreSee Less

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Well, whattya know!!!

My friend Erik B has spent a lot of time in Nepal and Temples of Ganesha. At lunch today, he explained that when entering the temple, devoted Hindus perform the "Super brain Yoga" crossed arm, ear lobe technique I recently described in the NL FB page.

Well, they say an elephant never forgets.
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I find it odd.

I see many posts in the internet praising "intuition" and denigrating (even demonizing) "science". You know, "coming from your heart" instead of "being in your head" kinds of criticisms.

Then - boom - comes the proud claim regarding some pet position (something like) "Scientists have now proven x,y,z" and therefore it is TRUE! (as though ALL scientists in every discipline from all around the world have come to one undeniable conclusion).

Good science and good intuition (or what ever names you want to assign them) are complementary and not antagonistic. All this over simplistic Right brain / Left brain dualism might make for a neat little framework but it is fraught with error.

Every "creative act" involves both brain hemispheres as does every "logical conclusion". Would you rather hop around on one leg or walk with both legs allowing each one to harmonize with the other.

Frankly I don't see "scientific minded" people proudly declaring that "Intuitive people have now proven z,y,x". Scientists (meaning they seek out reasonable understandings) typically work with "flashes of insight", "hunches", "dreams", "serendipity" and yes, even music and hallucinogens - read any amount of history and autobiography if you doubt it.

There are always extremists at both ends of the spectrum - most all of us are some where in the middle.

Just musing in the hot weather up here in NE Thailand while recovering from a night of family wedding celebrations. My legs are sore from lots of (unusual) dancing with my lovely energetic wife:-))
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In 1949, a. Canadian physiologist was one of the first to recognize Neuroplasticity which at that time was dubbed Hebbian Learning. Apparently he was also involved in some not so nice parallel research into ....torture techniques!!

At the early intense days of the Cold War (USA and USSR) the CIA recruited Hebb from 1951 to 1954 to develop a new class of psychological torture techniques with none of the nasty electricity and such used without much result.

Guess what he came,up,with that worked superbly - sensory deprivation. Just 48 hours with soft dark goggles, furry gloves and earmuffs on student volunteers scared the hell,out of every one. And thus was born a new mind bending form of coercion and torture.
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I recently posted a short video about "Superbrain Yoga" as an example of a very effective non-specific Neuroplastic Reinforcement useful as a recommended adjunct to the Neuro Light or on its own. The video is very good but lacks various details. Here is a full description that incorporates all the neurological and energetic considerations:

1) if you are younger, face to the east and if you are older, face to the north. The east direction radiates a stronger violet pranic energy effective for the upper chakra energy processes. The north direction radiates a stronger red pranic energy which is supplemental to the er life force of older persons. It is recommended to make some basic prayer of intention before the exercises and after finishing a short prayer of gratitude.

2) place the tip of your tongue gently to your palate. This creates a bridge to close the open oral gap between the frontal Conception Meridian and the dorsal Governing Meridian.

3) first reach across with your Left hand to to your Right ear. Because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, this cross connection creates the correct harmonizing circuit. This stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and the Pineal gland.

4) with your thumb and index finger of your Left hand, gently squeeze the Right earlobe. In the Microsystems of the body, the ear has a complete grid of the entire body. The earlobe is a direct reflection of the head/Brain area.

5) your thumb must contact the front of the earlobe and your index finger the back of the earlobe. This is important for the correct polarity of the energetic current.

6) Now cross your Right arm to contact the Left ear. The Right arm must be in front for the correct polarity circuit. This stimulates the Left hemisphere of your brain and the pituitary gland.

7) with your Right hand, gently squeeze the Left earlobe as described above with your thumb in the front of the earlobe and index finger behind the earlobe.

8) spread your feet about shoulder width apart for stability.

9) do a squat to a comfortable deep depth and as you squat inhale your breath. This is important because the simultaneous squatting action and the inhalation acts to pump up the energy from lower in your body to higher in your body.

10) as you stand up, exhale. This completes the pumping action.

11) do the squats 14 times for basic Reinforcement. Do 21 times if you want to build higher levels of cranial energy. Be aware that more is not better. Doing too much can create cranial tension and congestion with headaches or insomnia.

12) you may repeat the 14/21 squats two or three times a day according to your age and vitality. Always try to achieve the most while doing the least. Mother Nature has her ways.

13) if for physical reasons you cannot do full deep squats then do "half squats". If so, increase the number of half-squats to double or even triple the 14/21 repetitions.

14) in general, menstruating women are recommended to stop doing the exercises 2 days before, during and 2 days after completion of their cycle.
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If you want a very easy to do Neuroplastic Reinforcement, check this out.

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You can put water into a mold of a certain shape and then freeze the water...and the ice will take on that mold shape. BTW - you can find this video permanently in the "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel in the "Deeper Learning" playlist. Also if you haven't already, please consider SUBSCRIBING to the channel for lots of ongoing FREE NL Learning. ... See MoreSee Less

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According to classical thermodynamics there is only one kind of interaction between the elements: excitation (via collisions). This can lead to changes in only one direction.

Brains are different. Brains use not only excitation but also inhibition in their normal operations. This additional component is responsible for the fundamental difference between disorder-destined physical systems (entropy) and the order-centric brain dynamics (negentropy or far-from-equilibrium systems).

Just a little science from our wise primate friend:-)))
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Is there any one that could answer this question for me ASAP. I own the Neuro and Ajna Light. My nephew has been in a motorcycle accident and lost the use of his right arm. It’s nerve damage. What settings would you suggest me to use on him? . He’s coming over today to try the light.
Kindly , Micca Rogers
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For those with either the Ajna or Neuro Lights and have a Nasal Light which I highly recommend to use at any time regardless of which Light you own for optimum brain health, energy and vitality, you can purchase spare nose clip cables for your Nasal Light from GLC - www.goldlightcentral.com/…/nasal-light-replacement…/ as well as replacement charger cables for the Nasal Light - www.goldlightcentral.com/…/nasal-light-replacement…/.
Spare nose cables are ideal to have so as to have a clean spare available between clients, or if there are any breakages or spring failures. 🙂
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For those with either the Ajna or Neuro Lights and have a Nasal Light which I highly recommend to use at any time regardless of which Light you own for optimum brain health, energy and vitality, you c...

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Lanna Light Gathering, Chiang Mai Thailand 2018...yes we are planning for next year already at The Win Place Hotel.
Guy is inviting Light owners/practitioners within our global Light Community to be some of the new 'Presenters' for our 2018 gathering. If you would like to give a 30-45 minute (approx) presentation based on your Light experiences/practice/awareness then please send a short synopsis to Pratika - [email protected]
A projector will be available if needed for each presentation, you would need you have your own device though. Each session will also be videoed.
We are desiring to provide presenters with free accommodation and meals.
If possible synopsis would be submitted for approval by Guy to me by end of January 2018.
We are also considering adding 1 day to make it a 3 day event with cultural activities/nature exploring filling the extra day. Also looking to have some evening presentations also.
Questions please to Pratika. 🙂
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Lanna Light Gathering, Chiang Mai Thailand 2018...yes we are planning for next year already at The Win Place Hotel. Guy is inviting Light owners/practitioners from within our global Light Community t...

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Last short Part 5 (of 5) in the two hour Neuro Light talk in Chiang Mai, Nov. 2017. Find all five parts in the 'Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel, DEEPER NL Learning playlist section. ... See MoreSee Less

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Part 4 (of 5) of two hour Neuro Light talk by Garnet in Chiang Mai, Nov. 2017. Reminder - all five parts are permanently archived in the 'Neuro Light Garnet' YouTube channel in the 'DEEPER NL Learning'playlist ... See MoreSee Less

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Part 3 (of 5) of the Neuro Light 2 hour talk by Garnet at the Lanna Light Gathering event in Chiang Mai, Thailand Nov. 2017 ... See MoreSee Less

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Part 2 (of 5) of the 2 hour Neuro Light talk by Garnet in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the Lanna Light Gathering event, Nov. 2017. ... See MoreSee Less

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A 2 hour Neuro Light talk by Garnet in Chiang Mai, Lana Light Gathering, Nov. 2017. In five (5) parts. This is Part 1 (of 5). The entire talk can be found permanently archived in the 'Neuro Light Garnet' YouTube channel in the 'Deeper Learning' playlist. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lunch break on a great day of shared Learning. Our house was made happy with the energy from these generous friends. ... See MoreSee Less

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Some really interesting stuff here that relates to Neuro regeneration... ... See MoreSee Less

Epic, mind-bending, paradigm-shifting, reality shattering podcast with the great @paulstamets

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Truly a wonderful day at our mountain rainforest home. About 15 of us (including people from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sweden) deeply explored the Neuro Light and Neuroplasticity. We were very fortunate to have a Sifu from China (Tea Master and Qi Gong Master) among the group. In our break, he prepared a series of four different teas (all sublime) he brought with him from China.

Learning is always best when shared.
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Proud moment with a very special new friend. Viewing Neuroplasticity from the perspective of Qi Gong. Fascinating. Honored. ... See MoreSee Less

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After the Lanna Light Conference in Chiang Mai a group of us hired a 'red taxi' for the day and went north to explore Thailands highest mountain, and its Temples and powerful 80 metre waterfall, so much fun and adventure, wonderful experience for all. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

After the Lanna Light Conference in Chiang Mai 2017 a group of us hired a 'red taxi' for the day and went north to explore Thailands highest mountain, and its Temples and powerful 80 metre waterfall, ...

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Welcome to your Brain order > disorder > order. Stable > Unstable > Stable.
Watch the entire (short) video:-)

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OK - try this for the Stable > Unstable >Stable Brain idea ... See MoreSee Less

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Sunday morning Lanna Light Gathering Chiang Mai Thailand 2017, presentation by Garnet - The Neuro Light. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday morning Lanna Light Gathering Chiang Mai Thailand 2017, presentation by Garnet - The Neuro Light.

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When working with the NL in public, it is strongly advised to use a client waiver. Below is a possible form however you must have it reviewed by a legal expert as such waivers may vary from country to country. Be wise.

The Neuro Light: I understand and agree to the following:

The Neuro Light is an instrument designed to promote a variety of Wellness states related to the Brain by providing Sensory signal based Stimulation for brain exercise, energy and learning. As such, it may be considered as a source of education, exploration and entertainment.

The Neuro Light may be considered an Advanced form of conventional Light and Sound Brain Stimulation, similar to Brain Entrainment, which has been broadly available for more than 40 years to the public. Such devices may be purchased from public consumer sources and used appropriately by any person. The Neuro Light as a Wellness tool should not be mistaken as a medical device. The statements regarding the Neuro Light have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Neuro Light is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on the website, social media sites, video/audio recordings or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your medical practitioner. Your results may vary.

Have you ever experienced a seizure or seizure-like symptoms: YES _____ NO _____.
Persons with epilepsy or prone to seizures are not advised to use devices that incorporate flashing light sources. Additionally, there is a rare risk of unexpected seizure-like experiences in persons with no prior known seizures. It is agreed that in the event of such an unexpected or hidden reaction, neither the developer, manufacturer, owner or operator shall be held responsible in any way. During the session, report any uncomfortable sensations at any point, and as a caution, the session will be stopped immediately by moving the light source away. PLEASE ENTER YOUR INITIALS:________________.

Pregnant women are advised to consult with their medical practitioner on the use of this and any device. Use of alcohol or drugs of any kind is not advised when using this device. If using prescribed medication, it is advised to consult first with your medical practitioner before using the device. The purpose of the device is to provide wellness related exercise and learning. There is no purpose or intention to provide treatments or therapies of any type for any purpose.

Persons with appropriate training, credential and/or licensing may use the Neuro Light according to or within the legal scope of their practice.

Print name: _______________________________________________. Date:_____________________________

Signature (if a minor, parent or legal guardian):_______________________________________________
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Are you in San Miguel de Allende and would like to have a personalized session with the Neuro Light, PyraLight Pad & Brain Food? This is your lucky week 😉 Available until next Nov 4th ... See MoreSee Less

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Great interview with expert/author about Neuroplasticity

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Dear Everyone, I am still struggling to explain what to say when I want to introduce the lights to people. I strongly believe they are awesome but there must be a way to talk about it in a professional way so I don't sound like a complete lunatic and say oh just try it and see, feel into it, let the light work through you etc. What is your professional pitch? I talked to a GP where I work with alcohol and drug related issues and I really believe this would help with addictions. Anyways want to see how you pitch the conversation. I know we can't promise anything, Thank you 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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neurosciencenews.com/forest-amygdala-health-7737/ ... See MoreSee Less

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Just got back from California where the Neuro Light was featured at the powerful 2 1/2 day Bulletproof BioHacker Conference. With two NL units set up, we did 165 NL demo sessions with a sign up of 185 participants. Many more came but left because of the wait time. 95% of the time we were giving sessions back to back from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Overwhelming positive responses with the primary interest focused on optimizing Neuroplasticity. New science was the theme.

With LOTS of hi-tech there, numerous persons told me the NL was their best experience.

Many thanks for help from Jessica Shane, James Bandy, Paula Plotnick, Debby Perkins, Lara Weithorn and Gary Casias.
If we had had five NLs they would all have been busy.
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The Power of Sunlight - if you have followed my NL comments, you are likely to have heard me say that food/nutrition supplies only about 1/3 of our daily energy needs. The rest comes from "thermal" (aka sunlight) sources.

Here is a simple formula to consider (as averages) the 24 hour daily consumption of food provides us with 2,500 kcal yet the human body emits about 7,500 kcal of energy in the same time period.

The ratio, as you can see, is 1/3:2/3
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Garnet Dupuis is this one for you...

A client asked
The question that I asked you yesterday was to do with a young girl who was in our care who was born with Hypophosphotemus or something like that!
Her body was unable to make enough phosphates to keep her bones strong and healthy.
It affects her whole skeleton with the result that her legs bow as they are not strong enough to bear the weight.
As adults they can end up wheelchair bound. She was born this way and it is a genetic condition.
Can the light help with this condition?
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Neurogenesis is the birth of new neurons from neural stem or progenitor cells in the brain. It was long considered that the number of neurons was fixed !

Good news: the brain has plasticity and we can change it!

The area of the hippocampus is the seat of the mood, learning, the memory and our emotions !

We can promote this cerebral mechanism by using catalysts.

The following is a list of measures to be taken to promote this neurogenesis.

Turmeric - Omega 3 (nuts) - Green tea - Psylocibine - Ibogaïne - Blueberries - Red onions (Quercetin) - Resveratrol (red vine)- Ginseng root - Gingko Biloba root - Vitamine E (avocado) - Grape seed oil - Rhodiola root - Lotus root ...
Make exercices - Zinc - Meditations (with yoga) - Sleep - Listen songs from nature - Make sex - Adopt positive emotions - Practice sensory experiences - Cannabis


AVOID these substances: alcool, coffee , raffined sugar, carbohydrates, meat and dairy products (milk, eggs, cheese). And no smoke, fight obesity, run away from boring life or excessive stress, watch TV often.

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As Tech Support person for the Ajna, NL, and PyraLight there can be occasional questions asked about the difficulty in connecting to the internet. One very good reason and this I have experienced first hand is when Light setups can be hurried especially when travelling, or from tiredness.
Each Light comes with an International Power/ Surge Protector Adaptor. Please ensure that once the pins for your mains are extended that they are then LOCKED in place by sliding the green locking/unlocking latch on the side of the adaptor, before inserting in the power socket. If you dont LOCK them in place they will retract, which you will not be able to see and then you have no power for internet..this may be obvious, but it happens. 🙂
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As Tech Support person for the Ajna, NL, and PyraLight there can be occasional questions asked about the difficulty in connecting to the internet. One very good reason and this I have experienced firs...

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Guy and Garnet have come to a great solution making owning and using a Neuro Light AND an Ajna Light completely fluid and economical. Please read below this announcement from the Ajna Light FB page.

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Nasal Light owners - available now on GLC website are replacements for the Nasal Light Nose cable AND its USB Power Charger cable.


www.goldlightcentral.com/product/nasal-light-replacement-usb-charger-cable/ 🙂
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Nasal Light owners - available now on GLC website are replacements for the Nasal Light Nose cable AND the USB Power Charger cable. www.goldlightcentral.com/product/nasal-light-replacement-cab...

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A power packed NL Brain Skills THEME INDEX of compositions. Find it in the NL Practical Guide for Beginners document. If you don't have it.....just ask at [email protected] I will send a digital copy to you. Print it out !!! ... See MoreSee Less

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More insights into Neuroplastic Reinforcements. Also check out the recent videos in "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel in Beginners Guide STEP BY STEP playlist on Reinforcements.

... See MoreSee Less

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Can you ride with her on an intergalactic, multidimensional, Neuroplastic creation adventure. Hang loose. Be cool. Completely crazy, cat jazz piano extraordinaire. Just fasten your seat belt and sit back. Let her take you where she goes.

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Hiromi Uehara essa menina é algo único. Musicalidade, técnica, inspiração e show girl. Essa peça solo é um delírio. . Estude agora mesmo na nossa escola virtual www.StarlingAcademyofMusic.com....

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Excellent video on Brain Food/Nasal Light. He uses a unit from VieLight however the effects are precisely the same as with our NL Nasal Light. ... See MoreSee Less

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i am looking for someone in london who offers NL light sessions. thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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Can we as adults grow new brain cells - listen to this TED Talk
... See MoreSee Less

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Extending the benefits of a Help Right Now NL session with "one size fits all" Neuroplastic Reinforcements are right here at your fingertips. Be confident. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here is the next section of commentary videos in the NL Practical Guide for Beginners series. It is the wonderful Help Right Now approach for all you NL Light Coaches out there. Enjoy. ... See MoreSee Less

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Edward Murphy shared March for Science's post to the group: The Neuro Light. ... See MoreSee Less

In the foreground: Saturn. Tiny blue pixel on the right: All of human civilization. This photo was taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which after 13 years in orbit, initiated its final collision cou...

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Synesthesia.....super interesting. The painting below is from Kandinsky who was a synesthete and experienced colors as sounds. He is often referred to as the Father of Abstract Art.

... See MoreSee Less

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The Super-Dynamics of Neuroplasticity

This is a (somewhat) technical description of how the Brain as a Whole responds to information directed towards positive Neuroplastic Change. These principles underlie the functional activities of the Neuro Light. If technical information is newer to you, just take your time and work with the key words and ideas.

There are four basic stages or steps that happen as the Brain as a Whole responds to Neuroplastic Change:

1) Neuro-Stimulation (the "input reaction");
2) Neuro-Modulation (the "reaction response");
3) Neuro-Relaxation; (the "response relief");
4) Neuro-Differentiation (the "relief result")

Now let's break these down to better understand.

1) Neuro-Stimulation is like giving information/food to a hungry brain. It has an appetite and is hungry for the info/food because it is the way it can keep the learning going and solve the problem. It is mandatory for self-organization and adaptation. It triggers a mobilization of self-regulation and things immediately begin to improve even at this very early stage. Yummy!

2) Neuro-Modulation now kicks into gear and all of the multiple Brain Networks (remember those in the NL Brain Gym) have an improvement of functions. This decreases the super-sensitivities that have formed as the Brain has been lacking certain Adaptive responses. Perhaps most importantly, the Neuro-Modulation stage allows the Brain Stem "Reticular Activating System" (RAS) to "reset" which is wonderful because it means that the "arousal level" that was causing all those "super-sensitivities" to manifest gets "calmed down" and normalized (whew, that feels better:-).

3) Neuro-Relaxation happens after the Neuro-Modulation does its work by re-setting the "arousal levels" and calming those "super-sensitivities. All the Brain Networks and associated circuits get to "Rest &a Restore" themselves.

This is great because now the (#2 above) Neuro-Modulation activities get to keep at work by "flipping ON" many dormant circuits to engage in Movement, Mental and Sensory Neuroplastic stimulating signals. The signals are made more potent at converting their "brain signals" into "mind messages". It is only with corrected self-regulation via brain modulation, brain rest, and adequate energy restored, can the brain rhythms be restored.

This is the stage when a person has the chance of overcoming the maladaptive learning involved in the Limbic Trauma Loop (aka PTSD) as well as other maladaptations.

4) Neuro-Differentiation is the resultant long-lasting stage when enduring positive learning can be integrated into the Stable State brain functioning. Now the new habits take charge.
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The past weeks I have been through all the Brain Skills-Foundation-Peace sessions (Basic balance to Mind tranquil). Wonderful sessions. Each of them giving me amazing geometric color patterns, and such a sense of rest and peace.
Yesterday was extra special. During most of the session (22minutes) I felt so much gratitude and love for everything in my life.
At a certain point one my 'special' colleagues (in the sense of extra challenging and therefore the person to learn from the most! 🙃) came up in my mind and I sent my love.
This is such a beautiful adventure!
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More is NOT More - Learn about Hormesis and Stress and the NL. You can find this video in "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube NL Leaning channel - look in the "DEEPER NL Learning" playlist. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is the final commentary video for the Brain Exercise section of the NL Practical Guide for Beginners document. BRAIN TONICS - a super satisfying and simple way to use the NL. All the Brain Exercise STEP BY STEP commentary videos are waiting for you in the "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel. Crazy good stuff. If you DONT yet have a digit,a copy (ready to print out and follow along with the STEP BY STEP videos....just ask at [email protected] I will send it to you asap. The Help Right Now section is NEXT!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Visual hallucinations and decoded interpretations. Fascinating. Strangely destabilizing beauty.

PS - thank you Sundari for posting
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Garnet is going to be back in the USA Sept 25 to Oct 15. Fly in and out of LA. Looking at doing some NL activities (to be confirmed) in SF, Portland, Vegas. Nothing set yet but in discussions.

If anyone (basically West Coast-ish) has any ideas or requests for Neuro Light presentations or explorations, let me know. Learning is always best when shared - and lots of fun too.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Lanna Light Gathering - Chiang Mai, 3-5th November 2017.
We are at the pointy end now of finalising monies owing for accommodation and meals. If you have NOT paid Dr Chris for your accommodation, or me your Booking Fee please do so ASAP.
**Please those who have said they are coming, but have not yet paid Dr. Chris or myself your room has personally been paid for by Dr Chris, to ensure you get the best group room rate.
We are less than 8 weeks now from the Conference beginning.
Those who were wanting to attend the presentations in the Conference Room and at Guy's Healing Centre but are not booked with the group bookings at The Win Place Hotel, we are calling 'walk-ins'.
There is limited space available in the Conference Room for you, so it is on a first arrive basis for entry. There may be room for approx 20 'walk-ins' on each day.
I am sure you will realise that there will be enough to organise over that weekend, so no 'walk-in' priority list is being taken as we have no idea of who or how many may be wanting to attend as a walk-in.
The two Conference Room sessions each of approx 90 mins. will start at approx 8.30am and conclude at approx noon on both the 4th and 5th of November and that each day there will be different presentations.
Please note entry as a 'walk-in' to the Conference Room will be 1000 baht per person (payable at the door) on each of the two days.
At this time presenters in the Conference Room will be Rich and Barnaby on Saturday and Garnet on Sunday.
Also there will be separate functions at Guy's Healing Centre on both afternoons, and if you are a 'walk-in' then you need to arrange your own transport to and from. Those sessions will commence at approx 2.30pm 'til approx 5.30pm and entry is FREE.
Those who are booked at the Win Place Hotel will receive the full program for the weekend via email.
'Walk-ins' can view the complete weekend program in the foyer of The Win Hotel from the afternoon of the 3rd Nov which is check-in day.
We have over 30 people attending this the first Light Gathering, and we are already looking ahead to next years, so if you were unable to make this one, I suggest put a marker on your calendar for 2018 for the next - yeh.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Lanna Light Gathering - Chiang Mai, 3-5th November 2017. We are at the pointy end now of finalising monies owing for accommodation and meals. If you have NOT paid Dr Chris for your ...

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The Neuro Light is a form of brain stimulation that I term "Brain Engagement" as compared to "Brain Entrainment". The NL Brain Engagement method utilizes some aspects of Brain Entrainment that are integrated into a number of other advanced brain signaling methods that have evolved forward since the earlier more simplistic Brain Entrainment concepts.

Below is a very short overview history of the early evolution of conventional Brain Entrainment. I think anyone working with the NL will feel more secure with a bit more background. You will see that Brain Entrainment and other styles of brain signal Stimulation has been active in our modern era for well over 120 years.

HISTORY of BrainWave Entrainment (BWE)
The first known clinical application of BWE was discovered by a French psychologist, Pierre Janet, in the late 1800s. Janet noted that his patients appeared calmer after being exposed to a rotating strobe wheel that was illuminated by a lantern, and thus he used this method therapeutically as needed.

After Berger showed that electrical activity could be recorded from the human brain in 1929, Adrian and Mathews (1934) showed that the Berger rhythm (alpha) could be further amplified by photic stimulation at the same frequency.

In 1942, Dempsey and Morison found that BWE could also be induced by a tactile stimulus, and Chaitran reported entrainment effects with an auditory stimulus in 1959.

Psychological effects of BWE were further explored in 1946 when flickering light produced frequency-dependent sensa- tions of “pattern, movement and color.”

In 1959, BWE was found to reduce the need for anesthesia during surgery, and in 1975, it was found to enhance meditation. The development of BWE tools proliferated after Oster’s 1973 article on the proper- ties of the binaural beat.

Research on the effects of BWE on pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, and stress followed in the 1980s and expanded in the 1990s to include learning and memo- ry, ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and PMS.
... See MoreSee Less

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We had a group of 14 university grad students visit us for an exploration of the Neuro Light. All intrigued and wanting more. Fascinated by Neuroplasticity and the Brain. ... See MoreSee Less

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Do we have a Neuro Light owner in Croatia or close by, thank you.. 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

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Another peek at what's going into the NL Practical Guide for Beginners video "commentary" series on the "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel. If you have a Neuro Light (or might want one), make sure you have a digital copy of the NL Practical Guide for a Beginners document. Ask your NL Ambassador or just as me for one at [email protected] Also for easy access to a TON of authoritative NL Learning videos, SUBSCRIBE to "Neuro Light Garnet". What would normally cost $1000's for course tuition fees is all here for you FREE. The only thing you have to "pay" is your "attention":-))) ... See MoreSee Less

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A reminder and peek into the NL Practical Guide for Beginners - STEP BY STEP video series....which is being built RIGHT NOW. There are 12 videos already in this new "Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel PLAYLIST. So, 18 more to go:-)). If you have the NL Practical Guide for Beginners digital document, this series takes you through the entire Guide STEP BY STEP with a commentary from Garnet for EACH STEP. Very good idea to SUBSCRIBE with (soon) over 100 (yikes) FREE NL Learning videos....all collected and sequenced....just for YOU. ... See MoreSee Less

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Today is Father's Day in the West. I remember seeing my Father over 30 years being reduced to a mere shell of his former inspiring self, to being totally reliant on Nursing Home assistance for the most basic of human needs before he passed away in 2007 at the age of 85 from complications associated with Parkinson's disease.
My Mother passed away the day after my father with Dementia.
I have a very strong emotional and practical connection to The Neuro Light because of these insidious neurological diseases.
I have benefited from it myself in so many ways..
We are all so blessed to have this remarkable wellness therapy at our very fingertips.
Deepest and fondest gratitude to Garnet and Guy <3 <3
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Hi Gang, I see you now have the nasal light....do you have any data on it about neuroplasticity and helping memory concerns? Thanks in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dance like no one is looking...or even if they are!!! (Thank you Stephanie for this article)

Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain

August 25, 2017

As we grow older we suffer a decline in mental and physical fitness, which can be made worse by conditions like Alzheimer's disease. A new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, shows that older people who routinely partake in physical exercise can reverse the signs of aging in the brain, and dancing has the most profound effect.

"Exercise has the beneficial effect of slowing down or even counteracting age-related decline in mental and physical capacity," says Dr Kathrin Rehfeld, lead author of the study, based at the German center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Magdeburg, Germany. "In this study, we show that two different types of physical exercise (dancing and endurance training) both increase the area of the brain that declines with age. In comparison, it was only dancing that lead to noticeable behavioral changes in terms of improved balance."

Elderly volunteers, with an average age of 68, were recruited to the study and assigned either an eighteen-month weekly course of learning dance routines, or endurance and flexibility training. Both groups showed an increase in the hippocampus region of the brain. This is important because this area can be prone to age-related decline and is affected by diseases like Alzheimer's. It also plays a key role in memory and learning, as well as keeping one's balance.

While previous research has shown that physical exercise can combat age-related brain decline, it is not known if one type of exercise can be better than another. To assess this, the exercise routines given to the volunteers differed. The traditional fitness training program conducted mainly repetitive exercises, such as cycling or Nordic walking, but the dance group were challenged with something new each week.

Dr Rehfeld explains, "We tried to provide our seniors in the dance group with constantly changing dance routines of different genres (Jazz, Square, Latin-American and Line Dance). Steps, arm-patterns, formations, speed and rhythms were changed every second week to keep them in a constant learning process. The most challenging aspect for them was to recall the routines under the pressure of time and without any cues from the instructor."

These extra challenges are thought to account for the noticeable difference in balance displayed by those participants in dancing group. Dr Rehfeld and her colleagues are building on this research to trial new fitness programs that have the potential of maximizing anti-aging effects on the brain.

"Right now, we are evaluating a new system called "Jymmin" (jamming and gymnastic). This is a sensor-based system which generates sounds (melodies, rhythm) based on physical activity. We know that dementia patients react strongly when listening to music. We want to combine the promising aspects of physical activity and active music making in a feasibility study with dementia patients."

Dr Rehfeld concludes with advice that could get us up out of our seats and dancing to our favorite beat.

"I believe that everybody would like to live an independent and healthy life, for as long as possible. Physical activity is one of the lifestyle factors that can contribute to this, counteracting several risk factors and slowing down age-related decline. I think dancing is a powerful tool to set new challenges for body and mind, especially in older age."

This study falls into a broader collection of research investigating the cognitive and neural effects of physical and cognitive activity across the lifespan.
... See MoreSee Less

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The following is an EXAMPLE ONLY of a NL Waiver document. Any person using the NL with the public (especially as a service with a fee) should be wise and use a waiver form before any session with a new person. Also keep the waiver in your records. If the person requests a copy, give one to them. Do NOT use this example without having it reviewed by a person aware of the legal requirements where you live/practice, as requirements vary from area to area.

The Neuro Light: I understand and agree to the following:

The Neuro Light is an instrument designed to promote a variety of Wellness states related to the Brain by providing Sensory signal based Stimulation for brain exercise, energy and learning. As such, it may be considered as a source of education, exploration and entertainment.

The Neuro Light may be considered an Advanced form of conventional Light and Sound Brain Entrainment which has been broadly available for more than 40 years to the public. Such devices may be purchased from public consumer sources and used appropriately by any person. The Neuro Light as a Wellness tool should not be mistaken as a medical device. The statements regarding the Neuro Light have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Neuro Light is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on the website, social media sites, video/audio recordings or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your medical practitioner. Your results may vary.

Persons with epilepsy or prone to seizures are not advised to use devices that incorporate flashing light sources. Additionally, there is a rare risk of unexpected seizure-like experiences in persons with no prior known seizures. It is agreed that in the event of such an unexpected or hidden reaction, neither the developer, manufacturer, owner or operator shall be held responsible in any way. During the session, report any uncomfortable sensations at any point, and as a caution, the session will be stopped immediately by moving the light source away. PLEASE ENTER YOUR INITIALS:________________.

Pregnant women are advised to consult with their medical practitioner on the use of this and any device. Use of alcohol or drugs of any kind is not advised when using this device. If using prescribed medication, it is advised to consult first with your medical practitioner before using the device. The purpose of the device is to provide wellness related exercise and learning. There is no purpose or intention to provide treatments or therapies of any type for any purpose.

Persons with appropriate training, credential and/or licensing may use the Neuro Light according to or within the legal scope of their practice.

Print name: _______________________________________________. Date:_____________________________

Signature (if a minor, parent or legal guardian):_______________________________________________
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This is the INTRO video of a 30 video series that takes a new NL user through the entire NL Practical Guide for Beginners document. You will find ALL the series on " Neuro Light Garnet" YouTube channel. I will begin posting them as I complete them. Eat'em up:-)). Print out your NL Beginners Guide and watch the videos STEP BY STEP. ... See MoreSee Less

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