Once the power adaptor is plugged in, let the PC boot and wait 2-5 minutes for the Ajna Light or Neuro Light’s own private Wifi access point to show up. They each have their own specific unique Wifi access point that will show up in list of available Wifi spots available. To join either one, you just type in the password pineal777 – it is the same password for both.

After this you just open up your web browser (safari, chrome, Internet explorer, or firefox) and for the Ajna Light go to either www.lamp.com or lamp.local
Or www.nl.com for the Neuro Light.

It is completely safe your eyes because they are closed the entire time. You never open your eyes and look into the LED lights of the Ajna Light, and yet you see an array of colours and shapes all within your mind through your eyelids.

Your eyes are completely safe the entire time.

It took Guy Harriman about 18 months to develop the Ajna Light, and then a further 5 months to develop the Neuro Light with Garnet Dupuis.