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Setting Up The Ajna Light

  1. On the Ajna Pyramid Lamp, attach the 1/4 Inch mount connector your tripod
  2. Plug in the headphone & wifi adapter to the usb slots located on the Ajna Light PC Box
  3. Connect the power supply to your outlet and wait a few minutes for the PC to boot up the wifi signal
  4. Connect to AjnaLamp – XXXX wifi acesss point with your choice of device, enter the password.
  5. Open your device’s browser ( Safari, Chrome, Mozilla) and type in the address bar or lamp.local

Shutting Off Your Ajna Light

Make sure the current session is aborted, then hit the red shut down button on the top right hand corner in the Ajna Lamp Control center. Wait till the countdown is at zero before you unplug your light.

Note. If your ajna light’ adapter is left plugged in an outlet after you shut down like described above, you need to unplug and replug in the adapter in order reboot the ajna light and continue using the wifi access point. Recommended to uplug after using the shut down button.

The Ajna Light is a computer, and like any other PC you must shut down correctly. This also means the computer is subjected to any power shortage disturbances. If your location or home is subjected to power failures please consider getting a UPS or battery back up for the Ajna Light power adapter.