Light Affiliate Commissions

By registering as a free member of this site, you instantly become a Light Affiliate. Click here to register

Once you become a member of this site, you are automatically a Light Affiliate with your unique ID URL link that enables you to share the Light and earn commissions. Anyone who clicks your link and orders will be tracked back to you automatically, and you will get the commission from their purchase.

  • Ajna Light affiliate commission on a new sale from your link = US$333
  • Neuro Light commission on a new sale from your link = US$444
  • Ajna Light + Neuro Light Bundle commission on a new sale from your link =US$555

Being a Light Affiliate means that you do not look after the new owner of a Light or train or help. However, someone must help the new owner of a Light to learn how to use it, and that falls upon a Light Ambassador.

BONUS: Use Your Commissions To Get Your Own Light

If you don’t own an Ajna Light or a Neuro Light yet, and you want to use your earnings towards buying your own Light, then leave your commissions inside the affiliate system, and we’ll match you with another US$66 extra per sale. This means that you can let your commissions (plus this bonus US$66) accrue in time, and you’ll be able to buy your Light essentially for free!

For example: You sell an Ajna Light, and you receive US$333 + US$66 = US$399
Or you sell a Neuro Light, and you receive US$444 + US$66 = US$510
Or you sell an Bundle package, and you receive US$555 + US$66 = US$621

At any point can opt withdraw your earnings, but you will lose this bonus US$66.
Note: This special bonus sale from affiliate earnings to the new affiliate has no affiliate commission payable to any other affiliate.

Ajna Light Ambassador Commissions

It is a prerequisite to first purchase an Ajna Light or Neuro Light, then you feel confident in how to use it, before you become a Light Ambassador. As an Ambassador your role is to support, train and assist others with using the Light.

A Light Ambassador is a like Light Affiliate, but with extra privileges, as well as extra some responsibilities for the Ajna Light and Neuro Light. It is the job as the Light Ambassador to help a new owner in how to best use their Ajna Light or Neuro Light. The Light Ambassador is their support and go to person.

A Light Ambassador registers the same a Light Affiliate, and has the same ID URL link.

The primary difference is that the Light Ambassadors earns an extra bonus for helping the new owner of the Ajna Light or Neuro Light to successfully use their new device.

  • Light Ambassador earn and extra bonus as the support person for the new Light owner = US$222

If an Affiliate makes a sale, they will need to partner with an Ambassador to do the support. If neither the Affiliate, nor the new owner of the Light has an Ambassador that they wish to work with, we will assign you someone with the experience needed to help the new Ajna Light or Neuro Light owner get up to speed in using their new Light.

If the Ambassador is both the Affiliate and the support person for the new Light, they earn the Affiliate commission plus the Ambassador training amount. For example:

  • US$333 (commission) + US$222 (support) = US$555 for the Ajna Light
  • US$444 (commission) + US$222 (support) = US$666 for the Neuro Light
  • US$555 (commission) + US$222 (support) = US$777 for the Ajna Light + Neuro Light Bundle

As the Ambassador it is your responsibility to look after the new Light owner and help them feel confident with it. It is for this reason you are earning an extra amount for helping them successfully use their new device. Once you have assisted the new owner successfully use the Light, we check in with them to make sure they confident, and then you receive your Ambassador support bonus. 

* NOTE: Commissions are not cumulative, if someone buys the special bundle pack that is the commission.

Creating Your Own Store

You can also setup your own store within this site to offer booking consultations and Light sessions. You can even setup other products that you feel are related to the Light, and that we approve. Any member can setup their own store within the site for free.

Register as a member to then setup your own store.

What Is The Difference Between Them?

A Light Affiliate is anyone who registers on the site automatically gets their own affiliate link which they can share and earn commissions.

To be a Light Ambassador, you must own an Ajna Light or Neuro Light, then you qualify for the extra commissions with responsibility to support others, which then rewards you with an extra bonus for helping your 1st and 2nd tiers as a support to your Light workers.

The difference between an Affiliate/Ambassador and having your own Store is that with a store you can set up your own online booking calendar, plus sell other products. You get own your Store URL link, and you still remain an affiliate.

Even with a Store your affiliate ID URL link never changes, and you can continue to share that. But you are then also able to share your Store URL link, from which you will continue to earn affiliate commissions on any sales from Lights that come through your store, plus you would earn from your own booking calendar, and any other related products that you wish to list, which we approve.

How This All Works

All orders are tracked through a cookie on the buyers computer that lasts for 90 days from when the person they are referring clicks on it. So that means that if someone purchases from clicking on your affiliate link within 90 days, the referring sale comes back to you. You are able to track all of the clicks and sales from inside the members affiliate tracking area, which you get access to once you are a member.
Register here.

Your Own Domain Name

Registering your own domain name is a great idea, and it helps you build your brand and makes it very easy for you to share these amazing products.

You can register your own domain name and forward (or cloak it) to either your affiliate ID URL link, or forward (or cloak it) to your unique store link that you get after you register for a store with the site.

Forwarding a domain means that someone types in your domain, but then it changes into the forwarding link of your store or affiliate link.

Cloaking a domain means that someone types in your domain, and they are forwarded to your affiliate or store link, but they never see those links, all they ever see is your cloaked domain name.

To register a new domain, we highly recommend this domain registrar company – 101domains.

To setup web hosting for a domain name, we highly recommend this web hosting company – Dreamhost.

If you want to use a domain name, you can begin by pointing your new domain name to your affiliate link.

Click here to register as an affiliate.