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Ajna Light Development

It has taken years to develop the Ajna Light technology

“The Ajna Light can take you out of very stressful states into deeply meditative states.”

Guy Harriman, Ajna Light Co-Founder

Guy Harriman – Ajna Light Inventor

Guy Harriman has been a healer and yogi for over 30 years, starting yoga at the time he graduated. While living and working in Silicon Valley for 20 years he was guided by many great spiritual teachers who initiated him into Reiki, Cranio Sacral, Shen, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Medical Chi Gong, and Tibetan Chi Gong, amongst others. His approach to healing is integrating emotional clearing with energy work and bodywork. He currently has an extensive daily chi gong and yoga practice. After spending long periods of time in Chiang Mai from 1998, he eventually moved there full time in 2008, which is where he built his Lanna Yoga Healing Centre.

Guy worked for 23 years as a chip designer in Silicon Valley, including four years with Steve Jobs at NeXT. He then worked at Cisco Systems for six years, leaving in 2000, and altogether has three patents from his work in Silicon Valley. Guy graduated from Manchester University, UK, top of his class in Electronics in 1979. He always had a keen interest in composing music on the computer and knew some of the world’s best synthesis experts during his time at NeXT.

Creating the Ajna Light

In the 1990’s Guy Harriman used the hypnotherapy processes from the Monroe Institute, who created HemiSync, a binaural beat entrainment technology. Guy Harriman developed a way of combining binaural and isochronic beats for deep meditation with Hypnotic Harmonic.

Guy Harriman created the Ajna Light to help people explore their connection with the wisdom of the universe. He developed a way for people to experience deeper levels of clarity and relaxation in a very powerful way, for those wishing to progress on their spiritual journey of self-healing.

Since the launch of the Ajna Light in 2014 it has been demonstrated in more than ten countries worldwide with tremendous feedback. Studies are currently being done on the effects of the Light at the Teslar Institute, Bangkok and also Chiang Mai University.